David & Carlie | Wedding Day | Utah Wedding Photographer

"Lucky in LOVE" was the theme of this gorgeous wedding of David and Carlie. I meet these guys at the bridal fair this past winter and I'm so happy they booked with me!! I loved capturing their special day. The excitement coming from the brides’ room as everyone was getting ready was almost too much to handle. So many laughs and nerves all in 1 hour! I love watching the bride get put together with the help of her bridesmaids on her big day. This it was great to start to my year of shooting weddings with this couple. David and Carlie were so carefree and easy that we got tons of fun photos that showcased their love and personality. After the ceremony we were joined by Antique Limousine Service of Utah for a couple of shots. I loved this old car!!! For sure one of the best "get away cars" I've seen at a wedding. Congrats again David and Carlie you make such a power house couple!! Loved sharing the day with you! 2015-04-20_0001.jpg 2015-04-20_0002.jpg 2015-04-20_0003.jpg 2015-04-20_0004.jpg 2015-04-20_0005.jpg 2015-04-20_0006.jpg 2015-04-20_0007.jpg 2015-04-20_0008.jpg 2015-04-20_0009.jpg 2015-04-20_0010.jpg 2015-04-20_0011.jpg 2015-04-20_0012.jpg 2015-04-20_0013.jpg 2015-04-20_0014.jpg 2015-04-20_0015.jpg 2015-04-20_0016.jpg 2015-04-20_0017.jpg 2015-04-20_0018.jpg 2015-04-20_0019.jpg 2015-04-20_0020.jpg 2015-04-20_0021.jpg 2015-04-20_0022.jpg 2015-04-20_0023.jpg 2015-04-20_0024.jpg 2015-04-20_0025.jpg 2015-04-20_0026.jpg 2015-04-20_0027.jpg 2015-04-20_0028.jpg 2015-04-20_0029.jpg 2015-04-20_0030.jpg 2015-04-20_0031.jpg 2015-04-20_0032.jpg 2015-04-20_0033.jpg 2015-04-20_0034.jpg 2015-04-20_0035.jpg 2015-04-20_0036.jpg 2015-04-20_0037.jpg 2015-04-20_0038.jpg 2015-04-20_0039.jpg 2015-04-20_0040.jpg 2015-04-20_0041.jpg 2015-04-20_0042.jpg 2015-04-20_0043.jpg 2015-04-20_0044.jpg 2015-04-20_0045.jpg 2015-04-20_0046.jpg 2015-04-20_0047.jpg 2015-04-20_0048.jpg 2015-04-20_0049.jpg 2015-04-20_0050.jpg 2015-04-20_0051.jpg 2015-04-20_0052.jpg 2015-04-20_0053.jpg 2015-04-20_0054.jpg 2015-04-20_0055.jpg 2015-04-20_0056.jpg 2015-04-20_0057.jpg 2015-04-20_0058.jpg 2015-04-20_0059.jpg 2015-04-20_0060.jpg 2015-04-20_0061.jpg 2015-04-20_0062.jpg 2015-04-20_0063.jpg 2015-04-20_0064.jpg 2015-04-20_0065.jpg 2015-04-20_0066.jpg 2015-04-20_0067.jpg 2015-04-20_0068.jpg 2015-04-20_0069.jpg 2015-04-20_0070.jpg 2015-04-20_0071.jpg 2015-04-20_0072.jpg 2015-04-20_0073.jpg 2015-04-20_0074.jpg 2015-04-20_0075.jpg 2015-04-20_0076.jpg 2015-04-20_0077.jpg 2015-04-20_0078.jpg 2015-04-20_0079.jpg 2015-04-20_0080.jpg 2015-04-20_0081.jpg 2015-04-20_0082.jpg 2015-04-21_0001.jpg

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