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Wedding collections start at $2425

Stateside weddings start at $3000

Elopements start at $1200

High School Seniors start at $350


frequently asked questions

Take a look at the questions listed here as they're the most often asked questions, and they might contain a solution to your query. If you'd like to start a conversation, I'd love to chat with you!



Q: Where can I see your pricing/packages?

A: Each wedding is unique and varies depending on location, number of hours, etc. Click here to fill out my form and I will send you all my info.


Q: Will you be the only photographer shooting or do your packages include a second shooter?

A: Some of my packages come with a second shooter *highly recommended*


Q: Why should I book a second shooter?

A: With wedding days, there are multiple events happening at once. So its nice to have an extra pair of eyes capturing things along side with me!


Q: What if your camera for some reason stops working or gets ruined?

A: ILL CRY FOR DAYS!! BUT I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS carry a backup of everything!


Q: How do you send us the pictures?

A: All shoots are sent through an online gallery through “Pass”  You will receive a link with the edited full resolution images. You can download them and save them to your computer where you can print them how you wish! Wedding day images will  be sent on a thumb drive in the mail.


Q: Where is a good place to print our photos?

A: I highly recommend Pro. Digital Photos! They are a small local print company with amazing prices and great printing products, If you want large canvases or me to fill in you printing orders I can do so with “whole sale pricing” and help you save a few extra bucks!

Q: Will we receive all the images from our session included the unedited?

A: Sorry, no. Part of my job is to select the best quality images we took during your session. But I promise you will get a boat load of photos back! I want to make sure each image you have is printable and looks amazing


Q: Can I fly you out to another state/country to photograph my wedding?

A: YES. For more information on pricing for out of state/country weddings, shoot me an email and I will send you over all the details. Come Say Hi!


Q: Do you do other shoots besides weddings/couples?

A: Yes! Aside from weddings my other focus is High School Seniors! I only open up a few spots for other shoots such as families, boudoir. Email me if you want to shoot and I will let you know my openings! Get In Touch


Q: Do you use a flash?

A: Yes! When I first started out I was a big time “off camera flash girl” so I am very educated when I need to light something up!

Q: Do I need to sign an agreement?

A: Yes! Once we are ready to book, we will get together for our “pre-consultation” and have you sign on the dotted line while we drink coffee or enjoy a swig cookie!


Q: What if we are not photogenic people?

A: hahah I’m right there with you! You don’t need to worry about anything. Once we get shooting I will throw out commands that I want you guys to do and it helps you interact with each other we can get those candid moments or intimate feels.