Brandi and Matt Beach Shoot | Cozumel Mexico Photographer

My dreams of becoming a mermaid came true last month when my husband and I went to Cozumel Mexico for a 7 day dive trip!! The water was so clear you could see for miles! We swam with many nurse sharks, sea turtles and plenty of fish it was the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life!! I knew that I had to bring my camera no matter what and I’m so happy I did!! As soon as my husband and I got to our resort I was in heaven :D there were so many unique locations to shoot that I was itching to get a cute couple in front of my camera!A couple of nights into our stay I was walking along the beach I noticed a super cute couple asking people to take photos of them together on the beach. I was intrigue with all the cute poses she was coming up with as she would shout “one more like this” back to the person taking photos on her iphone! In my mind I thought BINGO!!! They were the couple I was dying to shoot!! I approached Brandi and introduced myself and told her I was a photographer out of Utah and I was dying to shoot a couple on the beach and wanted to know if they would join me for a free shoot?! To this her face lit up and she agreed!! We shot in the last half hour of light on the sandy beach of Cozumel and I tell you we created magic!!! As we were shooting I was informed that they were on their honeymoon which made this shoot more special to me! I love being able to capture peoples love stories and in the paradise even makes me love my job that much more!! Brandi and Matt I wish you guys so much happiness in your marriage thank you so much for letting me steal you on your last night in Cozumel to capture some amazing photographs!

Xoxoxo Jessica

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