Vampire Boudoir | Utah Boudoir Photography


Happy Halloween!! Its time for grim grinning ghost to come out and play and collect lots of candy!! I am OBSESSED with Halloween and I knew that I had to get out and shoot something fun! In past years since I specialize in wedding photography I have always incorporated a Halloween Bridal shoot but this year I decided to go in a different direction and play with a vampire boudoir shoot! I was searching amazon one night in September (online retail therapy keeps me sane while editing) and I stumbled upon a pack of colorful smoke grenades! I thought to myself... now when and where would be a place I could use these bad boys and I thought... HOLY COW! Wouldn't that be fun to play with for Halloween?!? So.. minutes later and $$$ shorter I bought them and couldn't wait for them to arrive on my door step! While I was planning this shoot and the style I wanted I wanted a unique look with a red head little did I know after seeing "Beauty and the Beast" at Hale Center Theatre would I run into my awesome model Karina who at the time was "Belle"!! As soon as I saw her face in the play bill I immediately went to my phone and started my Facebook/ Instagram search for her pretty face and I found her!! yay!! I got in contact with her and I knew this was a long shot since we have never met but I asked her if she would like to take part in a stylized shoot I was arranging and her reply was "I would love to!, Details?" Its safe to say that once I met her I seriously fell in love with her as a person not to mention her vampire scowling faces!! Playing with the smoke bombs had to be one of the most terrifying/fun experiences of my life reading the label "may cause bodily harm if not careful" had me overly anxious! But 1,2,3 we pulled the pin chucked it behind Karina and click, click, click, *cough, cough* (from inhaling purple and orange smoke) we turned up with some seriously fun images!! I haven't been this excited over a shoot in a very long time and it turned out exactly the way I wanted! I couldn't have asked for anything more!! A special thanks to my amazing friend Sierra Miller with "Sierras Beauties" for getting up at the crack of dawn with our gorgeous model to do hair and makeup! I tell you what Sierras has some serious hair and makeup skills that I hope to one day acquire!! I hope you all have a awesome Halloween and collect bucket loads of candy to splurge on throughout the week! If anyone is ever interested in doing a smoke bomb shoot let me know!!

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